Hazardous waste

Pan.Ex recognises that customers moving hazardous or dangerous products,  require assurance that transportation is being carried out by an experienced and professional company.

Our specialist couriers provide transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods throughout the UK. For a quotation please advise us upon booking of the UN Number, Packaging group and the quantity of items you wish us to carry.

UN Hazard Identification Numbers

2 : Emission of gas due to pressure or to chemical reaction

3 : Flammability of liquids

4 : Flammability of solid or self-heating liquid

5 : Oxidising ( fire intensifying ) effect

6 : Toxic or risk infection

7 : Radioactivity

8 : Corrosive

9 : Risk of spontaneous violent reaction

Packaging Group

Group 1 : Great Danger

Group 2 : Medium Danger

Group 3 : Minor Danger